The Mystic Truebudoors

The Mystic Truebudoors
(Mother Nature's Temple Ensemble)

The music of The Mystic Truebudoors is original and beautifully unique ~ ranging from complex, melodic, multicultural instrumentals to bilingual vocal tunes with themes of earth-based love and harmony. The lyrics have the potential to challenge the intellect and nourish the spirit. The musical expressions can be rhythmic and danceable, including percussion, or thoughtful in nature providing an atmosphere for relaxation, yoga or meditation.

The instrumentation represents cultures from around the world and includes cello, sitars, gu zheng, Native American and South American flutes, shruti box, harmonium, 12-string, 6-string and classical guitars.

We hope that you will listen with open ears, mind and heart.

Robert Seals started The Mystic Truebudoors seven years ago as a tribute to an entire life of playing music. The range of instruments and messages sent through his music mimic the range of philosophies and spiritual paths that Robert embraces openly and encourages in others as well. Philanthropic at his core, he genuinely wishes to give and heal, music being one of the many forms of this desire.

The Mystic Truebudoors have several CD's available for download and purchase. If you would like to get the music, please email

To book a musical appearance please call:
(530) 521-3486 / or
(310) 902-9154
Samples of a few of the many songs from
 The Mystic Truebudoors

Pacha Mama         Aina Makua Hine Mahalo
Mama Udango              Kiksuyapi Mitakuye
Lost Feather                 Blue Jean Buddah

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