Robert Seals and Mother Nature's Temple offer a variety of services
and healing modalities including...

Spirit Walks
Light paced hikes in local Santa Cruz parks. 
Music and refreshments along the way.

Cold Laser Therapy and Sound Healing
Heal Injuries, trauma and ailments.
Tissue, bone, miniscus and dental.

Indigenous Apology Ceremonies
Robert Seals and The Mystic Truebudoors travel to various massacre sites
and offer prayers and an apology through music and ceremony.

Wedding Services
Custom Wedding Ceremonies.  All Faiths and Backgrounds honored.
Small weddings available on a boat in Capitola Bay and Moss Landing.

Funeral Services
Ceremonial Cremation Services.
Full Body Burials at Sea.

For information regarding any of these services please contact: 
Robert Seals


All Services and Activities Are Provided on a Donation Basis.
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