Indigenous Apologies

Massacre Sites Visited:
1850 Bloody Island (Lake Co.) 60-100 Pomo
1866 Three Knolls (Tehama Co.) Yana community
Massacre Flat (Tehama Co.)
Kingsley Cave (Tehama Co.)
1846 Bloody Island (Tehama Co.) 200 Yana (John C. Fremont)
1840 Clear Lake (Lake Co.) 150 Pomo 

California+ Massacre Sites to Visit:
1846 Temecula (Riverside Co.) 30-40 Temecula
1851 Old Shasta Town (Shasta Co.) 300 Wintu
1852 Bridge Gulch (Trinity Co.) 150 Wintu
1853 Yontoket (Del Norte Co,) 450 Yontoket
1853 Achulet (Del Norte Co.) 150 Tolowa
1853 Ox Incident (Tulare Co.) unreported
1855 Klamath River (Humboldt Co.) many Yurok 
1859 Pit River (Siskiyou Co.) 70 Achomawi
1859 Chico Creek (Butte Co.) 40 Maidu
1860 Indian Island (Humboldt Co.) 250 Wiyot
1860 Bloody Rock (Mendocino Co.) 65 Yuki
1862 Upper Station (Mendocino Co.) 20 Wailakis
1863 Whisky Flat (Kern Co.) 35 Tehachapi
1865 Owens Lake (Inyo Co.) 32 Paiute
1868 Camp Seco (Tehama Co.) 33 Yahi 

1838/1839 Trail of Tears
1890 Wounded Knee Creek (South Dakota) 150-300 Lakota

Unfortunately there are several more to add as research is completed.  Any ideas or information is greatly appreciated.

Robert Seals and The Mystic Truebudoors offer apology through music and ceremony at many of the known massacre sites and Missions throughout California.

Only through acknowledgment of the mistakes of our past can we create a brighter future.

If you would like to participate
call 530-521-3486
or email:

Missions Visited as of 5-29-16:

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