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BKIN...Bringing Kids Into Nature

MISSION:  Our mission is simple:  enable children to experience nature...the forests, the oceans and all of their inhabitants FIRST HAND.

We desire to create a venue and an opportunity for inner city and disadvantaged children to experience the wonders of nature in the Santa Cruz mountains, the Monterey Bay and the west coast of California.  

These outings will expose the children to nature, with their own eyes, as they have not yet experienced it in their lives.  They will see the forests and the ocean and everything in them first hand; mainly the ancient redwoods, whales, sea otters and the migration of elephant seals. They will also learn directly about the importance of the planets eco-systems and the interconnectedness of all life forms.  These activities will provide real life experiences with the natural world that no computer, book, movie and/or lecture are able to provide.  For many, it will be life changing!  

Mother Natures Temple has purchased a 53' boat and two 14-person canoes and is seeking sponsorship/donations to facilitate the actual program.

The boat is Coast Guard approved and is currently in Capitola Bay or Moss Landing. We will align with school districts from the Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, Salinas and Watsonville areas.  Each outing can accommodate about 30 people, plus the crew.

The programs will ultimately be funded by hosting small weddings, dinners, funerals, bay tours and special events offered to the general public. 

644 Hester Creek Road * Los Gatos, CA 95033 * (310) 902-9154 *
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