About Mother Nature's Temple

    Mission Statement

      In this digital era of Natures Deficit Disorder, Mother Natures Temple's primary goal is to reinforce the connection of people, especially children, to the essence of nature by means of exposure to nature, and our dependence on it from the sea to the forest. 
     This exposure to nature shall be accomplished through catamaran, and canoe outings on the sea.  We will also conduct hiking, and camp outs in the mountains, as well as positive music, art, and seminars, all reflecting themes of the natural world, love, and the Godliness of Nature.

Board Members:

~Robert Seals~
~Lanai Winter~
~Scott Gursky~
~Mike Mitchell~
~Kathy Johnston~

~Mark Kesterson~
~Todd Champagne~

Contact Info:


Mother Nature's Temple
644 Hester Creek Rd
Los Gatos, CA, 95033

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